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Yohana P. Onyango "Ologi"

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yohana onyango ologi -the place- where something is discovered, founded, developed, or promoted; a source, a platform where a passion for web-design, music, photography and graphic-design is expressed. feel free to browse through and if you wish even leave a comment in the guestbook. for the latest status on this site check here.

i'm yohana papa onyango the creator and designer of ologi.net. this website is a process of learning web design. learning by doing has become my main principle since the fall of 2009. after being on the sidelines for far too long observing and admiring the world of design, photography and music evolve, i decided it was time to get involved. the idea of releasing the site came up while working as an intern at UlrichStudios in the most beautiful town of riedlingen in january 2010. my way and style of working in the creative field is yet to be discovered though, the concept i'm using now is known as intuition.